Hard Anodizing


Anodizing, also known as Hard coat Anodizing, is a process that utilizes sulfuric acid with low temperatures and high voltage to create a very hard surface area on the aluminum pieces. Hard coat is generally used for parts in need of abrasion and wear resistance. EMF Anodizing supplies Hard coat for a collection of industries worldwide, including automotive, firearm, nuclear and aerospace.

EMF can work around any customer requirements to add coating thickness to a customer's preferred specification. EMF Anodizing understands the critical nature of the Hard coating process and is equip to handle parts of all shapes and sizes.



Benefits of hard coat Anodizing:

  • Wear Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Appearance

Note: A crucial issue for designers to understand is that aluminum from the substrate is consumed in building the anodized coating. A rule of thumb is 50-50 penetration vs. build: about one thousandth of an inch of aluminum is consumed in building a coating thickness of two thousandths. This is even more pronounced on inside threads of parts. We highly recommend that you consult with our sales or process team prior to anodizing your parts if there are critical tolerances.