Silver Plating

Quality Silver Plating Services from Evershine Metal Finishers

Evershine metal finishers offers industrial silver plating services. Our silver is certified as 99.95% pure or higher. We have bright, semi-bright or matte silver metal finishes available. Our specialized electroplating team will work with you to determine the best silver surface finish that fits your needs.

The electronics and semiconductor industries use silver plated metals since it’s the greatest metal for conducting electricity, is very malleable, and provides outstanding solderability. The excellent lubricity of silver makes it a useful metal finish for bearing surfaces and anti-galling applications. These factors make silver plating services an economical choice for electrical contacts considering its relatively low price compared to precious metals such as gold plating and platinum plating.

Grades & Types of Silver Plating EMF Offers

Type I: Matte

Type II: Semi-Bright

Type III: Bright

*EMF silver is 99.95% pure or higher.

Silver Plating Methods

Barrel Silver Plating

Rack Silver Plating

1Rack Plating Method of Electroplating
EVERSHINE METAL FINISHERS (EMF) offers the rack plating method of electroplating. The rack plating method is a process used for large, complex, or fragile parts and is excellent for producing selective deposits. During the rack plating method, parts are hung on a "rack" that is then submersed in the plating solution. Metal hooks or bands are used to hold the parts in place as well as provide the necessary electrical contact. Because it is labor intensive, rack plating usually costs more than the barrel plating method. When using the rack plating method of electroplating, please keep in mind that the rack may produce an area that is discolored or bare where the part was hung. This is commonly referred to as a “rack mark” and should be taken into consideration when engineering the part. It is also very difficult to achieve uniform rack plating using this method of electroplating due to the varying degrees of current densities across the surface of the rack. High degrees of uniformity require the use of auxiliary anodes or robbers which increases the complexity of the rack plating as well as the cost.
2Barrel Plating Method of Electroplating
EVERSHINE METAL FINISHERS (EMF)offers the barrel plating method of electroplating. The barrel plating method is an efficient and relatively low-cost method of electroplating. Parts and components are placed inside a barrel that slowly rotates while it is immersed in the metal plating solution. Electrical contact is made through the use of danglers or center bars that are located inside the barrel. This electroplating method is usually recommended since high volumes of parts can be plated with uniform coverage. EMF utilizes manual barrel plating lines which are designed for small lots and prototypes. Some parts may be too large or delicate to use the barrel plating method. Please keep in mind that there is always a chance for part damage or bending due to the nature of the tumbling process. In cases where parts cannot go through the barrel plating process, we recommend the rack plating method which is more labor intensive and thus more costly. EMF's experienced electroplating staff will analyze your product and determine which metal plating process best suits your need.

Properties of Silver

Latin Name:Argentum
Chemical Symbol:Ag
Atomic Number:47
Atomic Weight:107.88
Elemental Category:Transition Metal
Melting Point:961.78 °C
 1763.2 °F
Density:10.49 g/cmᶟ
Appearance:Whitest of all Metals
 Dull to lustrous