Nickel Plating

Quality Nickel Plating Services from Evershine Metal Finishers

EVERSHINE METAL FINISHERS (EMF) offers industrial nickel plating services. Our capabilities for nickel plating services include bright, semi-bright, matte. The specialized team of industrial platers at EMF are dedicated to providing top quality electroplated products and surface finishes.

Nickel plated metals are used in a variety of industries including the electronics, electrocuting, and automotive markets. A drawback to bright nickel plated metals is that the brighter the deposit gets the less ductile it becomes. Nickel is also used as an under-plate for other metals such as gold and silver because it acts as a diffusion barrier that prevents any form of substrate migration to the top coating.

Nickel plated metals used for engineering purposes are often smooth and dull grey in appearance. These nickel deposits are used for wear resistance, hardness, lubricity, and magnetic purposes. Both bright and matte nickel plating services offer an excellent degree of corrosion resistance.

Types of Nickel Plating EMF Offers

Bright nickel plating offers a bright lustrous finish used for decorative and corrosion protection purposes.

Semi-bright nickel plating is somewhat of a bright deposit with excellent ductility.


Nickel Plating Methods

Barrel Nickel Plating

Rack Nickel Plating


Properties of Nickel


Germanic Name:"Old Nick" - the devil
Chemical Symbol:Ni
Atomic Number:28
Atomic Weight:58.69
Elemental Category:Transition Metal
Melting Point:1455 °C
 2651 °F
Density:8.908 g/cmᶟ
Appearance:Silver - White
 Dull to Lustrous