Copper Plating

Quality Copper Plating Services from Evershine Metal Finishers

EVERSHINE METAL FINISHERS (EMF) offers industrial copper plating services and copper metal finishing and copper plate metals using various rack plating methods Copper is a reddish metal that has many valuable uses ranging from electrical engineering purposes to decorative metal finishes. Copper plated metals are used for an assortment of products ranging from pennies and bullets to electrical connectors and automotive parts. It is used heavily as an under plate due to its ability to adhere extremely well to a variety of different substrates and plate well with other subsequent metals.


The benefits of copper plated metals include:

Outstanding Electrical Conductivity

Good Diffusion Barrier

Excellent Heat Conductivity

Important Undercoat

Adheres Well to Many Substrates

Easily Polished

Very Malleable

Decorative Value

As an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, copper plating services are done for of engineering applications. Copper plated metals are very ductile and can be buffed to a shine giving the metal a decorative value. Our specialized electroplating team is dedicated to providing high-quality electroplated products and surface finishes.

Types of Copper Plating KPW Offers

Acid copper provides excellent leveling, high macro-throwing power, and high plating speeds. However, acid copper does have limitations. Some metals, such as steel and aluminum, are attacked and etched by the acidic solution. It can also produce immersion deposits that have very poor adhesion. For these metals, a cyanide copper strike must be used prior to plating.


Copper Plating Methods

Barrel Copper Plating

Rack Copper Plating


Properties of Copper

Latin Name:Cuprum
Chemical Symbol:Cu
Atomic Number:29
Atomic Weight:63.57
Elemental Category:Transition Metal
Melting Point:1084.62 °C
 1984.32 °F
Density:8.96 g/cmᶟ
Valence:1 - Curprous
 2 - Cupric
Appearance:Reddish - Orange
 Dull to Lusterous